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The ‘Manage Inventory’ section of the V5 Control Center allows users to view stock levels of all commodities that are entered into V5 Traceability. Individual lots of commodities can also be viewed, along with their associated containers. Non-palletized items can be adjusted and added here, whereas palletized items cannot, they can only be zero’d. For further information on inventory management of non-palletized commodities, click here. A guide to managing pallets and their contents is also available here.

Control Center Overview

The ‘Manage Inventory’ section can be found under the ‘Inventory’ header in Control Center.

This section is made up of 3 panels:

  • Top (yellow) panel: A full list of all commodities contained within the system can be viewed here, along with stock levels and other information.
  • Bottom left (red) panel: Shows a list of lots for the commodity highlighted in the top panel.
  • Bottom right (blue) panel: Shows a list of Inventory Pallets associated with the lot selected in the bottom left panel. This only applies to items which are marked as palletized in ‘Commodities’ or ‘Formulas’.

Column Help – Top Panel

Commodity Code

The commodity code of the commodity.


The description of the commodity.


The type of commodity we are dealing with (Ingredient/Packaging/Formula).


The Unit of Measure that the commodity is received in. All of the above are populated from ‘Commodities’  and cannot be changed here.

In Stock

How much (weight) of the commodity is currently in stock.

Total Value

Total value of the in-stock commodity.

Warning Level

The weight that the in-stock amount must reach to trigger a stock warning. Once this happens, stock levels will show as red on reports. This can also be used to trigger a warning on batching on a per-lot basis as per cleardown threshold (set either in ‘Commodities’ or ‘Formulas’).

Total to Warning

How much of the commodity is left in stock before a stock warning is triggered.

Column Help – Bottom Left Panel

Lot Number

The lot number assigned when the commodity was produced or received.

Supplier Lot No

If a received commodity, this will be populated by the lot number issued by the supplier. Could also be a custom batch number of a produced good.


The supplier code of the selected lot.


The expiry date of the lot.


The physical location of the lot.

Weight Received

The weight of the commodity originally received.

Date Received

The date the lot was received/produced if an in-house lot.


The cost (per unit) of the selected lot.

On Hand

The weight of the commodity still in stock (i.e. not already consumed in formula production).

Total Value

The total value of the On Hand stock.

Supplier Name

The name of the supplier of the selected lot.

Manufacture Date

When the lot was manufactured.


License Plate Number used to uniquely identify the lot’s pallet. Redundant when dealing with palletized goods.

Receipt Tare

The tare value (if present) when the lot was weighed on receipt.

Column Help – Bottom Right Panel


The pallet number assigned by the system when the pallet is created. Only used for Inventory Pallets.


The weight of the selected lot on that specific pallet.


Serial number of the lot on the pallet (if a serialized product).


The physical stock location of the pallet.

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