Wave Picking

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Wave Picking


Wave picking, also known as cluster picking, is one of several order picking systems used in V5 Traceability to improve efficiency. It involves releasing specific orders to the warehouse for fulfillment, based on a common factor such as shipping date, like items, warehouse zone, etc.

Rather than scheduling a number of pickers per shift and then hoping that orders flow accordingly, wave picking helps teams to meet specific commitments, such as filling a set number of orders per shift or meeting a shipping deadline.

To do so, wave picking focuses on when orders are picked. Management aligns short picking intervals, or waves, that correspond with other warehouse variables, such as the transportation plan or departure schedule.

V5 Traceability supports Wave Picking for high volume B2C scenarios – enabling shippers to be as productive and efficient as possible. B2B users with low volume shipping requirements normally utilize the Sales Orders setup.

Table of Contents

1. B2B Wave Picking

B2B Wave Picking Demo

2. Direct (B2C) Wave Picking

B2C Wave Picking Demo

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