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The ‘Reasons’ section of the V5 Control Center software allows customers to create sets of custom explanations for particular actions. These Reasons can then be selected by operators at various points in the WMS and Terminal software to explain a particular action. This streamlines the efficiency of operators as they are able to make fast selection prompts from options pre-defined by management.

This page provides a basic overview of the ‘Reasons’ section in Control Center, and will help guide you through the various columns that define its settings. For a more in-depth look at how to set up and use ‘Reasons’ within the V5 environment, click here.

Control Center Overview

The ‘Reasons’ section can be found under the ‘Quality’ header of Control Center.

Main (yellow) panel: Where Reasons are entered and given event associations that will trigger them.

Column Help – Main Panel


Alphanumeric text entry which will be the text that is displayed to the operator in Terminal or WMS.


If checked, this allows the operator to enter additional text when providing a Reason.


The ‘type’ of Reason will define when the operator will be given the message.


Text entry field which can be used to create codes for each Reason.

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