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The ‘App Licenses’ section of the V5 Control Center allows for the remote management of settings and configurations for all instances of V5 software applications that are active on the system, including WMS, Terminal, and other instances of Control Center.

Note: From Control Center v5.8.0 onwards, apps can no longer be manually created, removed or renamed here; This is now all managed by the server’s database. The only editable fields that remains are ‘configuration’, and the ability to assign locations in the bottom panel.

For more information on V5 app licenses and activation, click here.

Control Center Overview

The ‘App Licenses’ section can be found under the ‘Devices’ header in Control Center.

This section is made up of 2 panels:

  • Top (yellow) panel: Where all v5 licenses can be viewed and have their configurations edited.
  • Bottom (red) panel: Allows the app to be assigned a location within the warehouse/factory.

Column Help – Top Panel


This shows the device name for the licensed app and is unique. To change this contact SG support.


Further description of the device. Again, this is set by the database. This can be set by the user to describe the installed app further.

IP Address

The I.P. Address of the device.


Double clicking this field will allow the entry of settings which will then apply to the device once it loads. These can be saved and reloaded to other apps as required. Once this is done the field will show ‘Data Loaded’. If a device doesn’t have data setup in Control Center, it will upload its app_settings file to the database when it boots. Contact SG Support for help configuring terminal settings.


Whether this is a WMS, Terminal, Control Center or DataEngine device.


The version number of the v5 software currently installed. Each element of v5 is developed separately so version differences here are common, but it is recommended to have all instances of the same app (i.e. WMS) running on the same version.

Column Help – Bottom Panel

Terminal Location

Allows the selection of a location (set up in ‘Locations’) for this device. A production location is treated as a visible location for jobs and orders whilst a stock location is something where inventory physically sits.

Location Description

The location description, populated from ‘Locations’.

Location Type

The type of location, again populated from ‘Locations’.

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