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The ‘Custom Fields’ section of the V5 Control Center allows for the creation custom label parameters that can be assigned to be printed against specific commodities or products. For more information on setting this up, click here.

Control Center Overview

The ‘Custom Fields’ section can be found under the ‘Setup’ header in Control Center.

This section is made up of 2 panels

  • Top (yellow) panel: Where custom label fields can be entered and configured.
  • Bottom (red) panel: Shows a list of commodities/formulas associated with the row selected in the top panel.

Column Help – Top Panel


Custom text entry to name the custom field. Must be unique.

Label Parameter

Custom text entry to define the label parameter that will be used when designing labels to recall information from the system.

Default Value

Text entry to allow the user to enter their own custom label information. This can contain coordinate and font information depending on how the user plans on creating their labels. See the module guide for more information.

Column Help – Bottom Panel

Commodity Code

Selectable field where commodities can be selected from a drop-down menu, or searched manually.

Commodity Name

Populated once a commodity has been selected. Cannot be edited.


Data entered here will be recalled against the custom Label Parameter (set up above), when the specific selected commodity or formula is handled. If no data is entered here then the system will instead use the ‘Default Value’ above.

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