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The Q&A Groups Module within V5 Traceability allow users to create custom question groups that can be triggered by a variety of system events.

The module is mainly utilized in situations like initial production line setup – whereby a user is required to answer a series of Q&A that relate to conveyors, oven temps, cooler temps, metal detection checks etc.

This process occurs in a similar way to singular questions in Q&A. They can also be manually triggered by Terminal operators when they are producing batches or products.

V5 Traceability allows supervisors and managers to add an extra layer of traceability to their production process. This page will cover how we can set this up.

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1. Q&A Groups Setup

To set up a Q&A group, we first need to add a row to the top left panel (1). Once this is done, we should give our group a code and a name. These are entirely customizable. In this case we are going to set up a Q&A group that can be used exclusively with any batch formulas we might have that include flour.

We can then use the top right panel to add event associations for our newly created group (2). In this case we are going to tell the system to trigger this question group at the start of each batch that contains flour. Many other event triggers are available for use throughout the system. A full list of these can be found here.


We can then head to the bottom 2 panels to add (1) new rows, after which we can select our desired questions from the drop-down menu in the bottom left panel (2).


We can then proceed to add more questions as required.


Note here that the details of these questions in both of these bottom panels cannot be changed. Any changes to these questions can only be performed in the Q&A section of Control Center.

2. Q&A Groups Use – Event Triggers

As we saw previously, we have set this group up to trigger at the start of a batch that contains flour, so let’s see this in action. If we take a basic test formula containing flour and schedule it for production, we can go to Terminal and select this job.


When we start this batch, and after any allergen/hazard warnings, the question group will trigger and we will be asked the 3 questions that we set up above, in the order that we added them in Control Center.

3. Q&A Groups Use – Manual Trigger

Alternatively, Q&A grouped questions can also be trigged at any time by the Terminal operator. This can be useful for a group of questions that we don’t associate event triggers with. For demonstration purposes though we will just use the same group as we have been working with so far.

If we run the same test formula as above, we can see this in action.


Once we arrive at the step that requires flour, we can then hit the ‘Actions’ button in the bottom right to bring up the actions menu. We will then hit ‘Question Groups’ and choose our desired group of questions from the list.


The operator will then be asked the questions in our group earlier, in the order that we added them.


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