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In order to update V5 systems and applications to our latest v5.8 release, SG Systems require additional information about each device in a client’s facility. This page will aim to provide a simple guide of how this information can be gathered in order to allow for a quick and seamless upgrade process.

The 2 pieces of information critical to this update are the V5 application name and it’s physical MAC address.

Table of Contents

1. Finding V5 Application Names

When we refer to the V5 application name, what we are looking for is the name assigned to the different V5 applications running on a PC/laptop/tablet device. These can be found in a few ways for the different apps:

Control Center:

In Control Center, if we go to the ‘Terminals’ tab (under ‘Setup’ or ‘Devices’ depending on your current v5 version) you will see a list of devices currently associated with the system. The ‘Name’ column here is what we are looking for. This method is especially useful for collecting Control Center names.


WMS or Terminal:

If we are looking for the application name on WMS or Terminal, this is displayed at the bottom of the app window along with the IP address, scale & printer selection, and the current time and date.


2. Finding MAC Addresses

In addition to the app name, SG will also require the MAC address of each computer that the software is running on. For a device running multiple apps (e.g. a tablet that might have both Terminal and WMS installed), the MAC address would be the same for both of the app names.

We can easily find the MAC address for a device by doing the following:

  • Hit the Windows key on your device (or press ‘Start’ in the bottom left of Windows) and type ‘cmd’ to run command prompt.
  • In the command prompt window type ‘ipconfig /all’


  • We can then find the MAC address of the device by looking for the ‘Physical Address’ of the device under the active network adapter.


Note that for some devices there may be more than 1 physical addresses listed. This could be because the device has both wired and wireless connectivity. If in doubt, up to 2 MAC addresses can be submitted.

3. IP Address?

IP address information is not critical to the update process, but can be useful for the technician updating the system, so if these can be provided that would be a bonus!

4. Ideal Submission Format

The ideal submission format for this information would look something like this (again IP addresses are not mandatory).


Essentially the more information that can be provided to SG prior to the update process, the quicker this process/shorter the downtime will be.

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