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The ‘SPC Log’ section of the V5 Control Center allows users to view the results of SPC runs that have been undertaken in the system. This helps clients ensure that they are producing a consistent product.

Control Center Overview

The ‘SPC Log’ section can be found under the ‘Reporting’ header in Control Center.

This section is made up of 2 panels:

  • Top (yellow) panel: Provides a list of SPC runs that have been undertaken and their status, result and Standard Deviation (SD).
  • Bottom (red) panel: With a SPC run selected in the top panel, this panel will show the results of each individual weighing event together with the rolling average.

Column Help – Top Panel

Run #

The unique identifier for each SPC run.


The commodity code of the commodity/formula under test.


The description of the commodity/formula under test. Both this and the commodity code above are populated from ‘Commodites’.

Date Started

Date and Timestamp for when the run was undertaken.


The number of sample weights taken during the run. The larger the figure the more accurate the results will be.


The time taken to complete the run.


The live status of the run. This could be:

  • Aborted – The run was aborted by the Terminal operator.
  • Running – The run is currently being undertaken by the Terminal operator.
  • Suspended – The run has been suspended.
  • Completed – The run has been completed.


The final result of the run. This could be:

  • Pass – The run has passed the SD compliance.
  • Fail – The run has failed/been aborted.
  • SD Limit Triggered – The run has failed due to a breach of the SD limit.
  • Warning – The run has passed but is close to the SD limit.

Suspended By

If the run is suspended, this cell will show the user/operator that suspended it.


The UoM that the run was weighed in. By default, this will be the UoM set against the commodity/formula, but this can be changed when setting up the SPC run.


The recorded Standard Deviation of the run, populated once the run has been completed.

Total Qty

Indicates how much of the commodity/formula was weighed throughout the run.

Column Help – Bottom Panel


Identifies the sequence of the weighing event.


Date and timestamp of when this weight was taken.


The weight recorded for this event.


The UoM that this step was weighed in.


The running average weight of the run. The value in the final row will be the average for the entire run.


The username of the user/operator who weighed this step.

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