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The ‘Currency’ section of the V5 Control Center allows for different currencies to be set up within V5 Traceability. The system will then use the data here at various points to perform currency conversion to allow purchases and sales to be completed using a variety of different currencies.

Control Center Overview

The ‘Currency’ section can be found under the ‘Setup’ header in Control Center.

This section has 1 main panel:

  • Main (yellow) panel: Allows the entry and setup of the different currency types that the business may use.

Column Help – Main Panel


Freetext entry to name the currency.


Freetext entry to allow the entry of a symbol against the currency. This will then be used throughout the system to identify which currency is being used for a particular transaction.

Conversion Rate

This works in a similar way to ‘Units’, and is the conversion rate of the currency. 1 currency, often the most commonly used by the business (in this example ‘US Dollar’), should be created first and assigned the conversion rate of 1. From here, all other conversion rates of the other currencies will then calculate from this 1. So, in the screenshot above 1 US Dollar is 1.29 Canadian Dollar, 20.16 Mexican Pesos, and 0.82 Pounds Sterling.

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