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The ‘Company Info’ section of the V5 Control Center holds information about the client’s company. This information is used in various parts of V5 Traceability from reporting to calculating dynamic overhead rates, if this feature is enabled.

Control Center Overview

The ‘Company Info’ section can be found under the ‘Setup’ header in Control Center.

This section has 1 main panel:

  • Main (yellow) panel: Where the clients company information can be entered.

Column Help – Main Panel

Company Name

The client’s company name.


The company’s address.


The company’s ZIP Code.


Telephone number.


Fax Number.


Company reference number.

Reg #

Company registration number.


Company VAT registration number.

Overhead Cost (p/h)

The cost of overheads to run the company, per hour.

Labor Cost (p/h)

The cost of labor to run the company, per hour.

Shipping Terms 1

For reporting purposes, information entered here  will appear on a Bill Of Lading.

Shipping Terms 2

See above.

Shipping Terms 3

See above.

Reporting Hostname

The name of the service that hosts reports for the company (usually Jasperreports).

Reporting Username

The username used to log in to the company’s reporting host.

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