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The ‘Printers’ section of the V5 Control Center allows for the adding and configuration of the label printers that will be utilized by the system. V5 Traceability is capable of supporting  printers from a wide range of manufacturers that utilize Zebra or Intermec/Honeywell label formats.

For more information on how to set up printers within the V5 system, click here.

Control Center Overview

The ‘Printers’ section can be found under the ‘Devices’ header in Control Center.

There is 1 main panel:

  • Main (yellow) panel: Printers can be added and configured here.

Column Help – Top Panel


Freetext entry to assign a code to the printer. This must be unique and is what will be displayed to Terminal/WMS operators when they are selecting a printer.

Service Name

This field relates to the service name that windows has assigned the printer. You can see this by going to printers and devices in control panel. If this is present, this system is going to look for a windows service of this name to facilitate printing (i.e. the printer is connected via USB to the PC).

Printer Type

Drop-down menu to select either ‘Zebra’ or ‘Intermec’. This relates to the label formats that will be used, rather than printer manufacturer.

IP Address

Allows entry of the printer’s I.P. Address. If this and ‘Port’ (below) are present, this will override the service name and attempt a TCP/IP connection to a network printer.


Allows entry of the printer’s port number.


Username to allow access to an FTP server (if applicable). If this data (and password data below) is set, a FTP connection to a remote server will be attempted to transfer the print file to.


Password to allow access to an FTP server (if applicable – see above).


The FTP server directory where the print file will be sent to. If left blank this will default to the root directory of the FTP server.

Default Set

The default set of labels that the printer will use. See ‘Label Formats’ for more information.

File Extension

The file extension used on the FTP server to facilitate printing.


The icon that will be displayed in terminal or WMS to the operator when choosing a printer.

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