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The Q&A section of V5 Traceability allows you to define questions and messages that can be used throughout the system, customizable to any event or formula step set up within the system.

Both questions and answers can be tailored extensively to ensure correct processes are followed, and provides improved traceability and accountability across the system.

This page provides a basic overview of the ‘Q&A’ section in Control Center, and will help guide you through the various columns that define its settings. For a more in-depth look at how to set up and use ‘Q&A’, click here.

Control Center Overview

The ‘Q&A’ section is found under the ‘Quality’ header of Control Center.

CC Overview

This section is split up into 3 panels:

  • Top Left (yellow) panel: This is where questions can be added and assigned different types and user defined groups.
  • Top right (red) panel: This is where conditions can be set to trigger the particular question highlighted in the top left panel.
  • Bottom (blue) panel: This is where answers/notification options can be set for the question highlighted in the top left panel.

Each panel has its own controls for adding and removing lines (the green ‘+’ and red ‘x’) as well as the ability to export the relevant panel’s data as a .csv file which opens automatically in your .csv editor of choice. A copy is also saved to the gateway export folder.

Column Help – Top Left Panel


This is where you specify the question or message that will be displayed to the operator. Click on the cell to input text.

Allow Undefined Response

If this checkbox is checked, the operator will be able to enter any response they like rather than selecting from the specified list.


Question/Message: Indicates that this should be treated as a question or a message. If answers are entered in the lower panel, the system will present this as a question, and equally if no answers are entered then the system will show this as a message to the operator.

Link: Opens a URL automatically which can be used to link to other applications or websites. The URL should be entered in the ‘Question/Message’ field above.

Image: Prompts the user to take a photo.

Image (multiple): As above but allows the user to take as many pictures as they want.


Non- mandatory field. Allows the user to enter text to create custom groups of questions for specific purposes i.e. ‘Mixing Instructions’, ‘Shipping’, ‘Receiving’ etc. This is useful for reporting purposes.

Column Help – Top Right Panel


This allows you to look up a Commodity in the system to assign a question/message. Double click on the cell to edit. You also have the option to select ‘All’ commodities.


This allows you to link a message/question to a particular event/trigger/action. Double click on the cell and select from the list. The question/message will be displayed when the event is triggered. The event types are:

  • Batch End – When a batch completes, either after the final step or batch signoffs (if enabled).
  • Batch Start – As a batch is starting. This will be asked after any allergen/hazard warnings.
  • Batch Suspend – If a batch is suspended by the operator.
  • Dispatch – Upon shipping of a Sales Order.*
  • Driver Signature (SO) – Asked at the point where the delivery driver’s signature is recorded by WMS during the sales order process.
  • Formula Step – Triggers at each formula step. More for use with specific commodities.
  • Goods In – As goods are booked into stock, either via a PO or by receiving a new lot/pallet in WMS.
  • Handling – More for use with a specific commodity, this triggers upon any other event listed here for a specific commodity.
  • Job End – When a job ends, these will be asked after any batch end questions.
  • Job Start – When a job starts, these will be asked after any batch start questions.
  • Lab Testing – Triggered when a lab test is performed. More for use with specific commodities.**
  • Login – Asked when a user logs in to a V5 application.
  • Log Off – Asked when a user logs out of a V5 application.
  • Move Stock – Triggered whenever stock is moved. More for use with specific commodities.
  • Pallet Move – Asked when a pallet is moved
  • Periodic Job – A periodic event, defined by the interval setting in this event panel. This will be asked while a job is being processed.
  • Periodic (Terminal) – A recurring periodic event, defined by the interval setting in this event panel. This will be asked at the Terminal regardless of what state the Terminal is in (on the menu screen/processing a batch/SPC etc.).
  • Place on Hold – Asked when a pallet is placed on hold.
  • Product End – Similar to batch end, this is triggered when a product run ends.
  • Product Start – Similar to batch start, this is triggered when a product run begins.
  • PO Complete – Asked when a Purchase Order is processed and the operator completes the order.*
  • PO Partial – Asked when a Purchase Order is processed and the operator partially receives the order.*
  • PO Start – Asked when a Purchase Order is started, before receiving lines of materials into inventory.*
  • PO Start and Resume – The same as PO start, but this will also be triggered if a PO is suspended and then resumed.
  • QA Group – Asked when a QA Group is triggered. QA groups are triggered from Batch and Product Actions menus and can be triggered at any time by the operator.
  • Remove Hold – When a pallet hold is removed in WMS.
  • Shipping Start – Similar to PO start, this is triggered at the start of a Sales Order.*
  • SPC Sample – Triggered whenever a sample weight is recorded during a SPC run.
  • SPC Start – Asked at the start of a SPC run.
  • Stock Adjustment – More for use with specific commodities, this is triggered when stock levels are adjusted by an operator.
  • Withdraw – Triggered when the stock withdrawal function is used in WMS.


This field allows you define a production location where this question should be displayed.


This indicates that the question does not need to be answered to move onto the next stage.**


If this option is checked, the responses of the questions will not be recorded on any reports.**

Special Instructions

Freetext box that allows the inclusion of additional instructions to the question being asked about a specific commodity, if defined in the ‘Commodity’ section above.**

Requires Verification

When checked this will require an administrator or supervisor to verify the result, depending on the individual operator privileges set. If the tests are being performed by an administrator or supervisor, verification is not required. This applies to Lab testing in WMS only.**


Defines the order in which questions should appear.

Ignore Codes

This function allows the entry of a comma separated list of commodity codes that the question will ignore if the ‘All’ option is selected under ‘Commodity’.

Lower & Upper Range

For questions that require numeric responses, these 2 fields define the lower and upper range of acceptability. If a response is outside this range then a failure can occur unless the step is overridden.**


This setting only applies to periodic events (see above), and defines the time (in seconds) between messages displaying.


 Freetext field allowing a specification description. Used mainly just for reporting.


* Not commodity specific

** Applies to Lab Testing only

Column Help – Bottom Panel


Freetext box to enter an answer for the question/message selected in the top left panel. Use the green ‘+’ icon in the bottom right of this panel to add the desired number of responses.


Used for questions/messages asked during sales, purchase order processing and job start events. If this box is ticked and that particular answer is chosen by the operator the process will be suspended. Where applicable, the trailer in use for the process will also be marked as rejected and require a supervisor to acknowledge it’s used when it is next processed.

Notifies User

A drop-down menu can be used here to select an Operator to notify if this answer is selected. If left blank this answer won’t notify anyone. This feature requires that the question be assigned to a specific event type in the upper right panel.

This also requires email integration with Control Center. Contact SG Support for help setting this up.

Require Picture

If this box is checked, the system will ask the operator to take a photo with the device’s camera. This photo will be included on reports.

Require Additional Comments

If this box is checked, the system will require the operator to add additional comments if they choose this answer.

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