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The Product Information screen will present itself to the Terminal operator if they choose to view it while processing a product, or at the end of production if a signoff is required. This page will cover the basics of how this screen works.

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Screen Overview

The formula information screen can be access by operators (if they have the appropriate permissions) by hitting the ‘Formula’ button across the bottom of the formula step screen at any stage of the production process.


After this, the operator will see a screen that looks something like this:


From here the operator can view the formula steps involved in the current product as well as a live view of their progress with the current production run. Completed steps are indicated by the green traffic light.

Any additional formula information, such as specific instructions or allergen information, will be shown above the steps if applicable. This is not present in the example above but could look something like this:


Operators are also able to reopen previous steps if desired.


The operator is able to customise the look of this screen by selecting which columns they are viewing.  The position of these columns can also be changed by dragging and dropping them as required.


Column Help


The type of formula step. Examples of this could be adding packaging or components as well as questions or messages.


The code of the commodity we are using for this step (if applicable).


The description of the commodity we are using for this step.


The target weight or quantity of a component or packaging step.


The lot that we are using to fulfil the target requirements.


The amount of a component or packaging that has currently been used for the step.

Stock remaining

The quantity of stock left in the lot that has been selected for use with this step.


The default Unit of Measure of the component or packaging used for the step.


Why can’t I access this screen?

Access to this screen can be controlled via user privileges, so if you are seeing this message in the marquee banner:


Then access to this feature has been restricted for your account. Consult your line supervisor if you think access to this feature would be beneficial to your workflow.

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