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Formula Signoff


The Formula Signoff screen will present itself to an operator if they attempt to complete a formula that was marked as ‘Signoff Required’ when it was created. The operator will therefore require a supervisor to input their credentials into the Terminal in order to complete the batch.

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Screen Overview

On this screen the operator will first see something that looks like this:


Here the operator can review the batching process, with a view of the steps and whether or not they have been completed. This is indicated by the traffic light system, with green here indicating that all steps have been completed within the prescribed weighing tolerances. Any additional formula instructions or information will also be displayed here above the formula steps.

The operator can how hit the green tick in the lower right corner to proceed to the next stage of the signoff process, where they will see this screen:


From here, a supervisor will be required to attend the Terminal station and enter both their Username and 4-digit PIN against the signoff. In this example ‘Mr Supervisor’ is on hand to help. If they click in the relevant fields at the top of this page they will be able to enter their credentials.

Once these details have been entered then the supervisor must use the ‘Enter Custom Reason’ button in the bottom left corner to enter a comment against the signoff.


Finally the supervisor should provide an electronic signature, after which they can hit ‘Accept Signoff’, after which the batch will complete and any required batch labels will print as usual.


Reason Selection

In the above example we are assuming that custom reasons for a batch signoff haven’t been created. But what if they have? If we head to ‘Reasons‘ in Control Center we can quickly set two of these up.


More information on Reasons setup can be found here.

With these setup, if we try and process the same formula again we will see the changes to the screen we saw above, with our reasons now in place.


The main difference in functionality here is that the supervisor will no longer be required to enter a custom reason, but can just choose one from the provided list. They can however enter a custom reason along with this selection if they want. From here the supervisor can enter their credentials, provide an electronic signature, and accept the signoff as they did previously.



I am registered as I Supervisor in the system so why can’t I sign off on a batch?

When trying to sign off on a batch, you may see a screen like this one, even if you are registered as a supervisor.


This is due to the fact that you are the one signed in to the Terminal to begin with, and are the one who has processed the batch in question. This message here is intended to provide extra security and traceability by not allowing supervisors to sign off their own work. In cases like this, another supervisor will be required to complete the signoff process.

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