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Commodity Selection


The Commodity selection screen will present itself to a WMS operator when they head into the ‘Commodities‘ menu, if they are searching for Pallets by commodity, if they are choosing a commodity to lab test, or if they are creating orders in WMS and are asked to add a commodity to the order.

This page will cover the basics of how this screen works.

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Screen Overview

The commodity selection screen will be shown in WMS when an operator is required to select a commodity for one of several purposes within the WMS app. It will look something like this, depending on the number of commodities present in the system’s database.

WMS - Commodity

From here the operator will be able to select a commodity for the appropriate task they are undertaking. As outlined above, this could be for a few different purposes:

  • Selecting a commodity to manage (stock levels, move locations etc.).
  • Selecting a commodity to lab test.
  • If they are searching for pallets by commodity.
  • If they are selecting a commodity to add to a WMS created transfer.

From here, the operator will be able to choose a commodity to move whichever process they are engaging in forward.

The operator’s column view can be customised using the drop down menu in the top left of the screen to show and hide columns, and also by dragging and dropping the columns to best suit the operator’s workflow.


Operators can also manually search for commodities by hitting the search icon in the bottom left of the screen:


They can then search for their desired commodity, using a variety of different parameters.

WMS - Commodity

Column Help

All of the following columns are populated from the ‘Commodities‘ section of Control Center.

Commodity Code

The unique code of the commodity.


The description of the commodity.


The type of commodity, Ingredient, Packaging, or Miscellaneous.


The default unit of measure that the commodity is weighed in.

Bulk Unit

The designated bulk unit of the commodity.

Bulk Qty

The quantity of the commodity’s default unit of measure that is in 1 bulk unit. For example, the bulk unit of sugar could be a bag, and there could be 50lbs in a bag, so the bulk quantity would be 50.


Why can’t I select a commodity?

This could be if you are in the commodity manager and are selecting a palletized commodity. Palletized commodities can only be managed by using the WMS Pallet Manager.

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