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Scale Select


The Scale Select screen will present itself to the Terminal operator when they hit the scale selection button at the bottom of the main Terminal window.


The operator will then be able to choose from a selection of  available scales.

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Screen Overview

On this screen you will typically see something that looks like this:


From here, the operator can simply choose whichever scale they need to use, after which they will be returned to whichever screen they were viewing before hitting the scale select button.

Scales are set and configured locally for each Terminal.

Screen Help

Each tile present in this screen represents a different scale that is set up to work with the individual Terminal. They will typically look like this:


  1. Custom logo for the scale. The V5 system comes with a variety of these that can be set up for different scale manufacturers.
  2. The name assigned to the scale when it was set up.
  3. The working weight limit of the scale and Unit of Measure that it will work in.
  4. The number of the scale as set up for the individual Terminal station.


Why can’t I see any scales to select?

If  you cannot actually see any scales to select, or cannot see the desired scale, then this scale has not been set up correctly with your individual Terminal. Contact your line supervisor if this is the case and they will be able to schedule SG support to help set the relevant scale up.

I can select my desired scales, but they are still not working?

Once scales are initially set up with each Terminal, they will always be visible for selection, so if you can select the scale but weights are not registering the reason could be one of the following:

  • The scales are not powered on.
  • They are not connected to the Terminal (if connecting via USB/serial connection).
  • They are not connected to the local network (if connecting via LAN).

If all this has been checked, it could be worth restarting the scales and Terminal and trying again. If the issue persists contact your line supervisor.

The scales connected to my Terminal are set up in kilograms, but the formula I’m processing is in pounds, what should I do?

You don’t need to do anything. The V5 system will take the unit difference between the scales and formula into account and perform all the necessary conversions to allow you to weight the correct amount of pounds in kilograms.

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