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The Pallet Select Screen will present itself to a Terminal operator when they are selecting a lot of a palletized commodity for batching. This page will cover the basics of how this screen works.

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Screen Overview

On this screen you will typically see something that looks like this:


From here the operator will be able to scan or choose a lot of the required commodity (depending on the Terminal’s lot selection settings) and then proceed to weigh up.

The operator’s column view can be customised using the drop down menu in the top left of the screen to show and hide columns, and also by dragging and dropping the columns to best suit the operator’s workflow.


Operators can also manually search for lots by selecting a parameter from the drop down at the bottom right of the screen and then typing into the search bar.


Column Help


The ‘License Plate Number’ of the pallet.


A condensed view of the commodity, showing both it’s code and description.


The internal lot number for this commodity.


The quantity remaining in the lot, stated in the default Unit of Measure of the commodity.


The expiry date of the commodity.


The current location of the commodity.


Why can’t I see any pallets to scan?

If you cannot see any palletized lots on this page then it is possible that there is currently no stock at your production location, or that your Terminal’s location is set incorrectly. If we use the screenshot above as an example, all the lots in ‘GENERAL’ will no longer be visible if the Terminal is only assigned to see the ‘X1Y1’ location.


In this case it would be advisable to contact your line supervisor to resolve this issue.

Why can’t I select a lot?

There could be a couple of reasons for this. Firstly the lot could be expired:


Or the stock could be zero, or negative:


In both cases, the messaging banner at the top of the window will tell you what the issue is. You should then try scanning/selecting a lot that isn’t expired and has a suitable quantity on hand.

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