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Common Ingredients


The main common ingredients screen will be displayed to Terminal operators after they select the common ingredients tab on the Terminal main window and enter their desired block size.


If the block size is set by the Terminal configuration, the operator will be taken straight to the main common ingredients window. This page will cover the basics of how this screen works.

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Screen Overview

The main common ingredients screen will be displayed to an operator if they are undertaking horizontal batching within the system. It will look something like this, depending on the amount of jobs and commodities involved.


The operator will then be able to select the appropriate commodity to begin weighing up the desired number of times (set by the block size). More information on how horizontal batching and block sizes can be found in the batching module guide.

The operator’s column view can be customised using the drop down menu in the top left of the screen to show and hide columns, and also by dragging and dropping the columns to best suit the operator’s workflow.


Column Help

Commodity Code

The code of the commodity we will select for weighing

Commodity Description

The description of the commodity we will select for weighing.

Total Required

The quantity (in the default UoM assigned to the commodity)


The default UoM of the commodity.

# Left (Block)

The block size, or number of batches to be completed in the current batching session. Can be set manually as shown above, or hard coded to the Terminal itself.

Total Left

The number of batches left in the job.

Bulk Unit

The bulk unit of the commodity (if set).

Avg Req

The average weight of the commodity required for each weighing step in the session.


I have completed weighing of all ingredients in the current session, there are still outstanding batches for the job, but I can’t see them in this window?

After completing each session, it is necessary to come out of this window (by going to any of the other tabs/wimdows in Terminal), and then hit ‘Common Ingredients’ and enter the desired block size again (if able to input this).

You will then be able to continue batching.

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