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Commons Formula Information


The Common Ingredients Formula Information screen will present itself to the Terminal operator if they hit the ‘Formula’ button on the main batching weigh screen while undertaking horizontal batching via ‘Common Ingredients’.


This screen is different to the formula information screen that will be seen if not undertaking horizontal batching.

This page will cover the basics of how this screen works.

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Screen Overview

After hitting the ‘Formula’ button as shown above, the Terminal operator will see a screen that looks something like this:


Unlike the formula information screen that the operator would see when undertaking vertical batching, this screen does not show all the commodity requirements for the current formula being batched. Instead, it shows the progress of the current session of a single commodity. Operators can view their progress here, as well as select unweighed steps to process. These can be highlighted and then selected with the green check mark.

Hitting the red X will return the operator to the main weighing screen.

The operator’s column view can be customised using the drop down menu in the top left of the screen to show and hide columns, and also by dragging and dropping the columns to best suit the operator’s workflow.

Column Help


The job number that the batch(es) belong to.


The batch (or block) number. This does not represent the final batch identifying number.


The description of the formula that is currently being batched.


The formula step type that will be processed.


The target weight (in the commodity’s default Unit of Measure) of the formula step.


The remaining weight of the formula step.


The default U0M of the commodity.


If this step has been completed a green check mark will show. This cell will remain blank if it hasn’t.


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