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Bulk Labels


The Bulk Labels screen will present itself to the Terminal operator if they hit the ‘Bulk’ button on the main batching screen while processing product formulas.


This page will cover the basics of how this screen works.

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Screen Overview

After hitting the ‘Bulk’ button as shown above, the operator will see this screen:


The operator can then specify how many labels they want to print, so if they are producing 10 products, they can print 10 labels. This allows operators the flexibility with the amount of labels they print, and are not tied to the default Terminal amount set in the config for other batching/production processes.

This page also features the ‘LTS’ button. This can either be on (green) or off (red).


This allows the label printer to detect when a label should be torn off and pauses the printing process to allow this, before printing the next label.

Entering the required amount of labels and hitting the green check mark will print these labels at the Terminal’s selected printer.


Why aren’t the requested number of labels printing?

If this is the case, then it might be the case that you are requesting more bulk labels than the Terminal is configured to allow. Check with your line supervisor as to whether this might be the case and whether it is necessary to amend this configuration.

Why aren’t any labels printing?

If this is happening then you might not have the correct printer selected in Terminal. Check along the information bar at the bottom of the Terminal main page to check which printer you currently have selected and change this if necessary.


If labels are still not printing then it is possible that the printer has lost connection to the network, or is not powered on. Check with your line supervisor to try and resolve this.

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