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The Batch Selection screen will present itself to an operator if they are working at collation station while undertaking batching. This page will cover the basics of how this screen works.

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Screen Overview

The batch select screen will be shown at the start of the batching process if the current Terminal’s configuration for bagging modes is set as a ‘collation’ station, and the prerequisite steps have already been completed and labelled at the designated ‘bagging’ Terminal. It will look something like this, depending on the number of batches and jobs that have been scheduled.


From here the operator will be able to manually select a batch to complete, or they will be asked to scan the bagging label barcode, which will contain this information. These selection options will depend on the configuration of the Terminal itself.

After selecting a batch to complete, the operator will then be asked to scan the bags containing the pre-weighed commodities, before moving on to weigh the remaining components to complete the collation process.

The operator’s column view can be customised using the drop down menu in the top left of the screen to show and hide columns, and also by dragging and dropping the columns to best suit the operator’s workflow.


Operators can also manually search for lots by selecting a parameter from the drop down at the bottom right of the screen and then typing into the search bar.


Column Help


The batch number of the batch(es) we are looking to complete in the collation process.


The job number that the batch(es) belong to.


The quantity (in the default UoM assigned to the formula) of the batch to be produced.


The date and time that the selected batch was produced.

Custom Batch #

The custom batch number (if applied) of the selected batch.


Why can’t I select a batch here?

This is most likely due to the configuration of the Terminal being set up to only allow scanning of the relevant bag’s barcode. An example of a bag label can be seen below:


The barcode on this label will often contain the relevant batch information, so scanning this will allow the operator to proceed to the collation steps for that batch.

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