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User Logins


The ‘User Logins’ report generated a report that highlights the log in and log out attempts by a selected number of users. This can be used in conjunction with username and password login to track users who fail to login or lock their accounts regularly.

Report Setup

This report can be found under the ‘Lists’ header in the Jasper Reports suite, and if we select it we will see the following options for running it.

We have the following options here:

  • Date from/to filter – leaving either of these blank will automatically fill with today’s date.
  • Whether or not to include successful logins or just to report on failed attempts/account locks.
  • Which user to report on. We can report on a specific user/number of users, or we can select all at the bottom left.

Sample Report

If we run the report as we have set it up in the image above, we will generate one that looks like this:


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