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Overdue Purchase Orders


The ‘Overdue Purchase Orders’ report can be used to generate a report that lists active purchase orders whose associated order lines and commodities are late in being delivered. Note that an ‘Expected Delivery’ date must be set against the commodity lines when setting up the purchase order for correct expected dates to be displayed for each commodity. If these are not present, then the system will take its lead from the ‘Delivery Date’ set against the order itself. More information on setting up and processing purchase orders can be found here.

Report Setup

This report can be found under the ‘Production’ header in the Jasper Reports suite, and if we select it we will see the following options for running it.


Here we can choose whether to include orders that are due ‘today’ (i.e. the day we are generating the report), as well as having the option to include the items that are on the order. Having this second box unchecked will only then show us the purchase orders that are overdue, not the items on them.

Sample Report

If we run the report as we have set it up in the image above, we will generate one that looks like this:


Links To

Clicking on the ‘Delivery Date’ or ‘PO Number’ for each order will open a ‘Purchase Order‘ report for that PO.

Clicking on the ‘Supplier’ for each order will open a ‘Supplier Performance‘ report for that supplier.

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