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Mass Balance


The ‘Mass Balance’ report can be used to generate a report that tracks commodity usage and product weights/counts when producing palletized products. This type of report can be configured to show produced pallet composition as well as charts of individual product/bag weights.

This can be used in conjunction with automatic product creation.

Report Setup

This report can be found under the ‘Production’ header in the Jasper Reports suite, and if we select it we will see the following options for running it.


Here we can select a job to report on, as well as being able to toggle:

  • Viewing the weight/product count on each pallet.
  • Showing a chart of individual bag/product weights.

Sample Report

If we run the report as we have set it up in the image above, we will generate one that looks like this. We can that with the ‘pallets’ box checked we get product counts for each pallet, along with the pallet and skid numbers:


With the ‘charts’ box also checked we will get an additional page showing individual bag/product weights:



Links To

The report contains links to:

  • Job Report – This can be accessed by clicking the job number in this report’s header.
  • Backward Traceability Report – This can be accessed by clicking the batch  number in the ‘Consumption’ section of this report.
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