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Commodity Unit Conversions


The ‘Commodity Unit Conversions’ report can be used to generate a report that lists each commodity in the system, including formulas, and includes the unit conversion rate of each commodity’s unit of measure when compared against the system’s base unit.More information on the base unit, unit conversion, and commodity specific unit conversion rates can be found in our units module guide here.

Report Setup

This report can be found under the ‘Lists’ header in the Jasper Reports suite. Unlike many reports though, there are no filter options for running this particular report. Once we select it under the ‘Lists’ header, the report will immediately run.

This will generate a report featuring all the commodities and formulas in the system and their unit conversion rates. Any changes of a commodity’s default unit, along with the user that made this change, will also be listed alongside the relevant commodity.

Sample Report

Running this report will generate something that looks like this:


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The ‘Commodities Unit Conversions’ report does not link to any other reports.

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