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Commodity Last Purchase Cost


The ‘Commodity Last Purchase Cost’ report can be used to generate a report that lists the last purchase cost for a range of commodities. Historical cost data can also be recalled.

Report Setup

This report can be found under the ‘Purchasing’ header in the Jasper Reports suite, and if we select it we will see the following options for running it.


Here we can select either one, or a range of, commodities to report on here.

We also have the option to ‘Show History’, which will include all individual historical costs for the selected commodities from all suppliers.

Note that this report will report on a maximum of 25 commodities.

Sample Report

If we run the report as we have set it up in the image above, we will generate one that looks like this:


Links To

Clicking on the commodity cost (either in the ‘last cost’ or ‘default cost’ column) will open a ‘Purchase Order‘ report for that last Purchase Order.

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