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Bill of Lading


The Bill of Lading’ (BoL) report can be used to generate a report that can be attached to an outgoing sales order.

Report Setup

This report can be found under the ‘Sales’ header in the Jasper Reports suite, and if we select it we will see the following options for running it.


Here we can select a sales order to generate a BoL for. We can also choose to include the following information:

  • Client contact details (set up in Control Center).
  • Statement (in this example we will see a PACA statement but this can be customized upon request)
  • Shipper/Carrier signature lines, allowing for the shipper and carrier to sign the printed BoL.
  • Lot number(s) for the stock lots that the items on the sales order were picked from.
  • Cost

Sample Report

If we run the report as we have set it up in the image above, we will generate one that looks like this:


Links To

Clicking on the lot number for an order line (if present) will generate a ‘Forward Traceability’ report for that particular lot.

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